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Diamond & CBN Wheels

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Diamond and CBN wheels are the main products of superhard abrasives, with the types of straight, cup, dish and others etc. Diamond abrasives products are used for grinding hard alloy cutting & measuring tools, HSS mould and brittle non-metals such as optical glasses, ceramics and gems etc. CBN abrasives products are used for grinding alloy steel, bearing steel etc. The method of grinding includes surface, cylindrical, plunge-cut and profile grinding.

Suntek Material supplies a full variety of high quality Diamond & CBN Wheels for different industries and applications. 

Diamond wheel for tool processing 

Flute grinding Relief grinding Cash grinding

End face grinding

O.D. grinding Drill grinding

Diamond wheel for semiconductor and optic processing

Cutting blade Hubless blade Wire saw Edge grinding Dicing blade

Back thinning


Diamond & CBN grinding wheel for universal processing 

Centerless grinding Rim grinding

Diamond drill


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