Black Silicon Carbide

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Black Silicon Carbide is produced in electric resistance furnace through heating silica sand and carbon at high temperature. It is an extremely hard material (Mohs hardness 9.25). 

Silicon Carbide enjoys higher thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good thermal shock and abrasion resistant and high strength at elevated temperatures at high temperature (at 1000°C, SiC is 7.5 times stronger than Al2O3). 

Silicon Carbide has a modulus of elasticity of 410 GPa, with no decrease in strength up to 1600°C, and it does not melt at normal pressures but instead dissociates at 2600°C.

Silicon Carbide’s various properties make it an effective material in many different industries and applications including making of grinding wheel, sand paper, friction, blasting, lapping, polishing, non-slip, wiresawing silicon & quartz, refractory metal-matrix composites, kiln furniture, advanced ceramics, ceramic wear resistant parts, semiconductor materials, high temperature heating elements, diesel particulate filers, thermal spray and many others.

Suntek Material manufactures and supplies Black Silicon Carbide crude, macrogrits, microgrits and sub-micron powders, quality in accordance with FEPA, JIS, ANSI standards, or according to customer’s specific requirement.

Product Data Sheet:

Black Silicon Carbide – Bonded & Industrial Abrasives 

Black Silicon Carbide – Coated Abrasives 

Black Silicon Carbide – Refractories & Ceramics

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