Silicon Nitride Ceramic

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Silicon Nitride has very good synthetical properties, such as extremely high strength, outstanding crack resistance, excellent wear and chemical resistance, good heat conductivity, very low heat expansion, excellent thermal shock capability (ie; cycles from RT to 750°C in 7 seconds and repeated every 30 seconds), not wetted by many metal and alloys, and electrically insulating. Due to these properties and its low weight, silicon nitride is a material for the highest demands. Silicon Nitride is produced in three main types: Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitride (RBSN), Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride (HPSN) and Sintered Silicon Nitride (SSN). RBSN gives a relatively low-density product compared with hot pressed and sintered Silicon Nitride. HPSN and SSN materials offer better physical properties suitable for more demanding applications. 

Typical Applications include:

* Molten metal handling (including crucible / wear plates) 

* Induction heating coil supports 

* Welding nozzles, fixtures and weld location pins 

* Dental heat treatment supports 

* Thermocouple sheaths 

* Bearings and rollers 

* Glow plugs 

* Cutting tools



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